10 Easy Steps to Increase your Revenue Today (For Transportation Operators)


Running a chauffeur business is hard. It’s not easy to get more customers, increase sales, and manage your resources properly.

Here are 10 revenue generating opportunities for transportation operators that you can implement today:

1. Increase your Reviews from Past Customers

This is great method to get more positive reviews across all channels like Facebook, Google and Yelp. Simply ask customers, especially those who enjoyed your service for a review. Pro tip: Include the link to all of you channels in the email so they just have to click and review. Here is an example:

2. Develop a Referral Program

Getting new customers in the ground transportation space is hard. Many of us have been in the chauffeured industry for years and have tried everything. After talking to many limousine and black car operators in the transportation industry, there was one overlooked practice that when used, has worked the best: Referrals. Learn more here.


3. Develop or Re-Design your Website

Creating a website in the transportation industry can be overwhelming. With so many resources out there, and many outdated ideas, it's hard to find what will work for your chauffeured transportation company. Well look no further- your friends at Moovs have scanned 100s of pages to compile the 6 best tips to delight your customers. And as always, feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions. All the info here. And remember Moovs can also build your website with reservations, pricing and real-time availability.

4. Offer Flexible Business Terms (Full Amount due to Reserve, 7 Days Prior Full Refund)

Customer expectations are changing fast. Nowadays, customers want flexibility and automation in their booking experience. To continue to be customer friendly and put them first, offer flexible cancellation terms. The refund policy we have seen work best after speaking to many transportation operators is. Full amount to reserve (no deposit) and full refund up to 7 days prior to the trip, and thereafter 10% of the trip cost. You can include a check in your contract that says: "I acknowledge that cancellations will only be granted a full refund if given at least 7 days prior notice to the scheduled reservation date."

5. Identify Those that Need Transportation & Reach Out

Times change, and so should your outreach strategy. One thing we learned in an interview, is send emails or text messages to those customers, who will need transportation the most. During the pandemic a lot of the transportation operators we work with provide shuttling for essential workers and nurses as well as private airlines. When thing pick back up you likely want to target those customers that are going in to the office (the more traditional businesses). Pro tip: You can send text messages directly from Moovs to your customers to re-engage them. Do you have a corporate contact? Ask them if they have a trip coming!

6. Test New Revenue Streams/Services to Increase Vehicle Utilization

Always innovating is important to growing your business. The times have changed and so should your offering. Moovs works with 2 operators that have shifted their business to grocery and package delivery during the pandemic. They are reporting higher margins than they were previously, and their drivers still working and happy as well. What are other revenue streams you are thinking about?

7. Establish your Presence on Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, Linkedin, etc.

Be where your customers are. Today's customers are no longer checking their mail or going to events. Instead they are on Facebook, Google, Yelp or Linkedin. Make sure you have a polished profile. And to keep it easy, when you share a post on one platform, just share them across all platform (there are tools for this like hootsuite or just copy/paste). And go back to the first point of this article to get reviews

8. Setup Paid Search the Right Way

Google is still the main way customers find transportation customers. But understanding Google Adwords is hard for operators and everyone else. We've made it easy to implement easy tips for you (just visit this article). We also offer Adwords help for transportation businesses, just email us at info@moovsapp.com. Set up a call with us here.

9. Use Upwork or Fiverr and Hire a Low-Cost Talented Lead Generator

Calling prospects takes time, which you don't have. We're all busy. Good news, you can go to upwork.com or fiverr.com to hire a low-cost person for lead generation. One operator pays $100 a quarter to get a contractor that sources 500 potential transportation customers.

10. Upgrade your software

Software is eating the world and is everywhere it seems. Except for the transportation industry where we are forced to work with outdated technology. Not anymore, Moovs provides easy to use software for you to run your transportation business. Reach out to us for more information.