The Best Way to Get More Customers in Transportation

The Best Way to Get More Customers in Transportation

Getting new customers in the ground transportation space is hard. Many of us have been in the chauffeured industry for years and have tried everything from SEO to Google Marketing to Facebook and Instagram ads.

After talking to many limousine and black car operators in the transportation industry, there was one overlooked practice that when used, has worked the best: Referrals.

A referral is when you reach out to your existing customers or network to ask around if they have any friends or colleagues that need transportation services. What you will find is that people are usually very open to helping out small business, especially during the pandemic.

One thing that works very well is adding an incentive to your referral campaigns. For example, you could offer an Amazon Gift Card, or even better, offer a discount on a future ride. That way you encourage your existing customer to book with you again in the future. Below is an example of a very easy process, where both parties are incentivized:


Ready to get started? Moovs is here to help.

We drafted a short email below that you can use to get referrals from your existing customers:


Thank you for being a [YOUR COMPANY NAME] customer. We are currently running a referral campaign to allow more people to experience our service and support local small business. How it works:

  1. Share our email or website with a friend/colleague.
  2. They book a ride with us
  3. You and your referral get 20% off their ride (this can be adjusted accordingly)

Thank you for your continued support!


And remember that at Moovs we also help you build your website, where we can include the referral process and automation directly on your website. More information here.

How to get clients for transport business?

Start using technology for your transportation business. It will save you time, automate all of your business, improve communication with your customers and grow your revenue.

How to get clients for transport business?