4 Google Ads tips to grow your business in 10 minutes

Person holding a cell phone showing Google ads with a computer in the background

We all know that Google Advertising is one of the key revenue drivers in the transportation industry. But as we are talking to operators we saw that there is still a lot of guesswork required. The good news- we are here to help 🚀

We spoke to experts that work directly at Google and are lucky that one of the moovs founders worked at Google as well (see video below). Here are their secrets to leverage the power of Google by tapping into the Google's network to appear on mobile and desktop.

1. Don't just optimize your keywords, instead look at the search terms used to find your business

We found that 90% of operators fail to implement this simple practice, so get a headstart by adapting the process described below (PS- you'll likely save 40% of your Google ad budget with this).

Start by going to your keywords, and click on the search terms at the top. You will then see which search terms are getting you traffic.

If you see some that are unrelated to your services (e.g. buy an Escalade) you should likely remove that keyword or make it more narrow. You only want to rank for keywords that are related to search terms that directly benefit your business.

2. Be in front of your customer when it matters

Narrow your location down to the postal code of where your customers actually are. For examples rather than adding Chicago as a location, add the O'hare airport or a neighborhood that aligns with your service area.

3. You already have a phone number, so make use of it with Google

We see too many operators waste their customer's time on long website journeys. With Google Ads you can add a phone number directly into the Ad, so your customers can call you without ever leaving the search page. Most of the search happens on mobile, and with the extension customers can call you directly from the search page, without an additional click.

4. Every dollar counts- Set a max CPC cap

Operators like you are accidentally paying over $50 per click. This might be nice for Google, but not for you. When you start off with a new campaign make sure to set a max CPC to ensure you are not being overcharged

Have questions? We're excited to hear from you- email us at info@moovsapp.com