Introducing passenger app

Elevate your service with your own branded passenger app

Stand out from your competitors by offering a branded passenger app. Your logo, your colors, an intuitive interface — build customer loyalty and elevate the overall experience. It's not just an app; it's an extension of your brand, tailored for success.

Effortless Quote Submission

Enable your customers to request quotes seamlessly. One click and they've initiated the process, making it hassle-free to explore your services.

Simple Reservation Management

Convert quotes to reservations effortlessly or book directly with automated vehicle pricing. Your customers can secure their trips with ease, providing them with a streamlined booking experience.

Access Trip History

Empower your customers with easy access to their entire trip history. From trip details to pricing, our passenger app ensures they can conveniently access every journey they've taken with your service.

View Upcoming Trips

With our passenger app, your customers stay informed at every turn. They can effortlessly access upcoming trip details, stay in the loop with driver information, and track trip statuses in real-time. Seamless communication, every step of the way.

Coming in 2024

Ride-Hailing for Taxi and Booking

Operators often face challenges in setting up their own ride-hailing services. A white-label passenger ride-hail app offers a ready-made solution, letting them skip the time-consuming and costly process of building an app from scratch.

By adopting a white-label app, operators can quickly launch their service, ensure a user-friendly experience, and compete effectively in the market. It allows them to focus on what they do best - providing great transportation - while benefiting from a professional and trusted app framework. This solution addresses their need for speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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