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Empower your drivers with Moovs' intuitive mobile apps, enabling them to effortlessly accept trips, access real-time earnings information, and efficiently dispatch trips.

Live Tracking & ETA’s for Customers

When a driver starts a trip with app, live tracking is activated, enabling customers to view their driver's location in real-time. Customers can also see estimated time of arrival (ETA) stop by stop. This feature ensures customers stay informed and engaged throughout their ride.

Live Tracking & ETA’s for Dispatch

With the Moovs app, the dispatch team gains a comprehensive understanding of fleet operations. They can track drivers' real-time locations as they start trips, ensuring efficient dispatching and smooth ride management.

Additionally, the dispatch team can access stop-by-stop estimated time of arrival (ETA) details, enabling better planning and coordination for a seamless customer experience. The app empowers the dispatch team with valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and optimized fleet management.

Automated Texts for Passengers

Moovs enhances passenger communication through automated SMS messages. Passengers receive timely updates on key trip information, such as driver assignment, trip start, and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

These automated messages keep passengers informed every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and satisfying travel experience. With Moovs, you can deliver essential trip updates effortlessly, promoting passenger satisfaction and streamlining your transportation operations.

Automated Push Notifications

Moovs utilizes automated push notifications to keep drivers informed and on track. Drivers receive real-time updates for trip assignments, reminders to accept or decline jobs, and trip status updates. This streamlined communication ensures efficient driver management and a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Driver Availability Calendar

With Moovs' driver schedule calendar, drivers can easily indicate their availability or unavailability for trips. This user-friendly feature simplifies scheduling and helps fleet managers efficiently plan driver assignments. Drivers can update their schedules effortlessly, leading to better coordination and optimized resource allocation for a seamless driving experience.

Driver Ride Reports

Moovs' Driver Dispatch Reports provide a comprehensive view of all timestamps for each stop during trips. These reports are invaluable in resolving discrepancies and addressing any issues with customers or affiliates.

With detailed time data at your fingertips, you can efficiently manage operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure smooth collaboration with affiliates. Moovs simplifies reporting and empowers you to make data-driven decisions for a seamless transportation experience.

Driver Payroll Automation

With Moovs' Driver Payroll Automation, managing driver compensation becomes effortless. When drivers use the driver app, we automate payroll calculations based on their "garage in" and "garage out" times. This feature ensures accurate and streamlined payroll processing, saving time and reducing administrative burden for your business. Say goodbye to manual calculations and hello to hassle-free payroll management with Moovs.

Gate Signs for Airport Pick-ups

he Gate Signs for Airport Pick-ups feature in the Moovs driver app enhances passenger pickups at airports. Drivers can access digital gate signs directly from the app, displaying passenger names and details prominently.

This ensures smooth identification and seamless meet-ups, simplifying the airport pick-up process and providing passengers with a hassle-free arrival experience. With Moovs, drivers can easily navigate crowded terminals and offer exceptional service to their passengers.

Friendly Location Tracking

Moovs offers friendly location tracking for drivers, ensuring their privacy when they are not on trips. The app only tracks drivers during trips, respecting their personal time outside of work. This approach encourages drivers to use the app comfortably, leading to better fleet management and a smoother driving experience for all.

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