7 Easy Tips How To Build a Transportation Business Website


Launching a website for your transportation business just a got a lot easier with Moovs Website Builder. It’s fast, easy and automatically includes all of your information to create a website in seconds.

After launching some successful transportation websites, I’ve learned a few things about effective tools that are available to help me create the look and feel that will define the brand and company image. We implemented those in the Moovs Website Builder.

Despite having minimal resources, you need to develop a website quickly and that works on mobile and increases your conversions.

1. Why Moovs Website Builder will improve your business?

Once we build a website for you, you have full control of your domain, your brand and all edits. We love being in the background and making sure all of the technology is optimized and leave all the power to you.


2. Specialized in Transportation

At Moovs we don't do everything, we solely build for transportation providers like you. With hundreds of customers, we know what you need for the your customers.


3. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

83% of the users in the transportation industry have at least one interaction on mobile. Moovs landing pages are optimized for mobile and work across all devices. Now you don't have to worry about optimizing for different browsers, or devices- we take care of it all.


4. Speed 🏎️

Moovs Website Builder builds the fastest landing pages in the industry. We mean really, really fast. You can see the mobile speed for one of our operators below.


5. SEO Optimized

As transportation operators we are all thinking of SEO. We're in an industry were customers search for your business and often choose the ones that are on the first page at Google.


6. Affordable and Easy to Set up

When we talk to operators we hear to many stories of owners paying thousands of dollars to build a website. With Moovs it's either free, or you pay a one time set up fee that's never more than $1,000. And you won't have to wait a week, or a day, or even an hour. We get you set up in seconds.


7. Online Booking Widget

Your website will include a booking widget optimized for the transportation industry, with all of the relevant fields and airport algorithms. We've also added a powerful pricing generator (with zones, by distance etc) that you can utilize for free. This allows your customers to book directly online with out all the back and forth.