How to Get More Corporate Clients for your Chauffeur Business

Get more high-paying corporate clients for your transportation business. Black car service software.

Get more Corporate Clients in your City

At Moovs we have a large community of successful transportation operators who share knowledge with each other.

This week a big topic was corporate clients.

Corporations in your city are always in need of professional transportation and have allocated budgets for this.

...They leave tips, have friendly passengers, and are hassle-free.

So why not focus on those customers?

Example of the opposite?

College students.. they like to party, get drunk, have less disposable income and can be hard to handle.

Here's a quick guide to securing more corporate bookings in your city:

More bookings through referrals (1)

1.  The Traditional Way: Drop off Flyers at Corporations in your City

It's an easy way to reach more of your target audience in your city. Print high quality flyers describing your services. Drop them off at businesses in your city and start building relationships with the decision makers.

This is an easy and almost free way to get potential long lasting high spending customers.

Make sure your flyers speak to the needs corporate clients.

Focus on reliability, professionally trained drivers and clean vehicles.

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2. Don't Know any Businesses in our City? Use Google

Just google businesses in your city. Then see filter out for the bigger corporations and start cold calling, emailing or dropping off flyers at the front desk.

If you have capacity for big corporations, make sure you check what companies are headquartered in your city. Example of a quick search in Houston, Texas.

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3. Use LinkedIn

If you are a little bit more tech-savvy and ready to take on bigger corporate clients then make sure you use LinkedIn.

You can search professionals by their positions, city, company so that you can reach the perfect person in charge.  

If you want to see an in-depth video on how to find the decision makers at corporations for transportation companies, check out this super informative free webinar by Pete Evenson.

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