Why to set up Google Analytics and Google Tracking for your Transportation Service

Track how customers are booking rides online

How to set up Google Analytics and Google Ads for your Transportation Service.

You can't manage what you can't measure" 💡


That's a famous quote by Peter Drucker. That also explains why it's important to track your website traffic and advertising activities for your transportation business.

The best way to find out how you get your bookings and phone calls is by setting up Google Analytics.

The newest version is called GA4 and it's important to implement it.

track how your customers book rides online with google analytics

Why it's important to know your traffic source? 🤔


As you can see below, with Google Analytics, you can track where your traffic originates, identify which sources bring the highest conversions, and gain valuable insights about your customers booking transportation with you.

Many operators are featured on other websites, third-party platforms, or generate organic traffic through specific keywords but may not be aware of this.

Understanding this is crucial because it allows you to focus more on the traffic sources that are effective and preventing unnecessary spending on non-performing advertising.

track how your customers book rides online with google analytics. Black car service google tracking.

Make sure everything is tracked correctly for your black car service ✅

It's risky to run Google Ads or any other advertisements without precise knowledge of the number of rides and the revenue they generate.

At Moovs, our industry-leading booking tool and website setup provide you with precise data on all your traffic sources. We also manage Google Ads for our customers, offering weekly tracking and reporting on your return on investment.

If you have someone managing ads on your behalf, ensure they can provide you with exact information about your returns for every dollar spent and that your Google Analytics is correctly configured with your website. Track how your customers book rides online so you can make better decisions.

website tracking and google analytics for limo and transportation service.

We are always here to help you grow your limo business🤝

We are always happy to give you a free consultation on your marketing efforts to make sure you are not burning through your money without any results. For your chauffeured transportation service we will make sure that you will be successful through technology and experience.