The implications of COVID-19 on chauffeured transportation will likely last longer than the virus itself and preparing for a new type of service will be crucial to your business. Once your clients begin to travel again it's imperative to promote great hygiene and cleanliness before, during, and after every trip. This doesn't stray far from the fantastic service you likely provide, however, implementing the following will be beneficial to your business moving forward.

Start before you get started

Taking action before the trip has begun is a crucial step to preventing unfortunate outcomes. We highly suggest chauffeur temperatures are taken prior to each trip. If they're feeling ill or showing symptoms in any way, they should not participate in work related activities. Also, properly prep vehicles before they hit the road. Climate controls should be adjusted to use only outside air, rather than recirculating interior atmosphere. Door handles, seatbelts, and buckles should all be disinfected and cleaned by a technician prior to each trip. Incorporating these measures into your pre-check routine will help prevent the spread of germs and provide a better environment for your passengers.

Protective gear

Have chauffeurs wear masks and gloves throughout the duration of their trips. For the best appearance, we suggests to keep the protective gear consistent with your professional attire. White and black accessories are always appealing choices. This will show commitment to the safety of your passengers while also looking dapper.

Add vehicle features

Applying features to your vehicles that show good sanitation practices will be a common theme moving forward. For the vehicles in your fleet that don't have a partition, investing in a plexiglass shield to separate the driver from the passengers is an innovative addition to your service and shows that you're sensitive to the health of others. This attachment can be applied to sedans, SUVs, and shuttles. Communication can still easily be made between the chauffeur and passenger all while taking great leaps to promote safety for everyone in the vehicle.

Minimal contact

Reducing the amount of contact the driver makes with the client and their belongings will go a long way. We suggest chauffeurs communicate with passengers prior to taking the initiative when loading luggage on and off the vehicle or handling any of their belongings. We also encourage dispatch to contact clients in advance and leave comments for the chauffeur on the trip notes regarding any notable service needs. Communication is key and being transparent about the situation will lead to happy passengers.


It's essential to provide sources of sanitization for your client to use during the trip. This includes hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays along with disposable gloves. It's always better to go above and beyond to show your dedication to your client's well-being. Cleaning the interior of the vehicle with an electrostatic decontamination device before and after every trip is the best way to prevent germs from being present in the vehicle.

Keep moving forward

Staying up to date with recommendations provided by the CDC along with local health officials and applying them to your daily operations will set your team up for good health and success. Please strive to go above and beyond the requirements that are put in place to ensure the safety of everyone on board. Continue to adapt to updates along the way and swiftly take initiative when they're put in place - you'll be the best business in town.

Thank you,

The Swoop Team