Sneeze guards: why they are important

Clear partition in the back of an SUV

Source: BLADE

Times are changing and with them come new measures to take in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved in your chauffeured transportation. A plexiglass partition, commonly known as a sneeze guard, is one of the most effective ways to promote the peace of mind of your passengers while utilizing your service.

Sneeze guards show great sanitation awareness and can be applied to sedans, SUVs, and shuttles. Communication can still easily be made between the chauffeur and passenger, all while taking great leaps to enhance the safety and well-being of everyone in the vehicle. You may have noticed, in the wake of COVID-19, sneeze guards have been applied to check-out stations at markets, liquor stores, and other businesses that require human interaction. They are quickly becoming a new norm in the service industry, including private transportation.

Don't want to permanently install plexiglass into your vehicles? There are plastic sneeze guard options on the market which can be applied with velcro and serve as a portable, multipurpose alternative. Although this route is less effective and isn't nearly as appealing, it still serves as viable replacement and quick fix. We encourage your team to be in communication with your clients and offer this attachment as an addition to your traditional service.

Have you installed a plexiglass partition in your vehicles or have a portable sneeze guard handy? If not, please reach out and we can help you get set up!

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