With Billions of users across its apps, Facebook is one of the most important channels for your business. Facebook also owns platforms Instagram and Whatsapp further extending your reach.

Everybody know that over the past years, reaching your customer organically (not paid) has become hard, so you'll have to spend some money to reach the right people. To make sure that you are not wasting any money here are the best tips for Facebook ads for your transportation business.

1. Your Ads Have to be Relevant

Relevance is everything on Facebook and has 2 main components to it. First make sure that you are choosing the right audience for your ads. When choosing an audience you can either create a lookalike audience (for example based off emails you have already connected).

Facebook will then create an audience of people that have similar characteristics to your customers. Let's say all of your customers are between the age 17-34, Facebook will recognize this through the email list you uploaded and then find you more users that look like the ones you uploaded.

Luckily Facebook uses AI and thousands of characteristics, making this match incredibly accurate. Alternatively, you can also use interest based audiences, where you can pick and choose who should be in your targeting group.

The second important point to relevance is making sure that your ad speaks to your customer. Within seconds the user has to understand your offering and it has to be relevant for them. Tricks here include using images that stand out and text that tell your story simply.

2. Stand out in the Sea of Ads

There is competition in pretty much every industry on Facebook.

Make your ad interesting and something your customers will stop to see. Remember that most of your customers are on mobile, so make your ad the thumb-stopper, that you can't scroll past.

3. Track your Ads

You will not be able to know if your ads are performing well if you're not measuring the results. Luckily, Facebook makes it relatively straightforward to measure actions like conversions or button clicks.

For example you can track how many people clicked on 'Book Now' or 'Request a quote' on your website. In order to start your measurement install the Facebook Pixel on your website - this should not take more than 5 minutes. If you have a Moovs website (which are free) reach out and we can help you install the Pixel.

4. Test and Iterate

Don't run the same ad for forever, make some changes and test what works better. The 3 tests you should start with are: 1) Change the image or video you are using and see which ones performs better 2) Change the text of your add and test if you are getting more impressions and clicks on your ad 3) And lastly change the optimization of your ad and see if you get more conversions.

You can also A/B test directly within Facebook. A/B tests allow you to test 2 ads against each other with one ad being version A and the version B, after around 1 week you can see which one performs better.

We understand that this just covers the basics for your Facebook Ads. We have people in house who would love to support our Moovs users in optimizing their Facebook Ads. Also, all our Website are optimized for speed and making sure your Facebook ads perform well, let us know if you want us to set up a free website for your transportation website.