How to Get More Reviews for your Black Car Business - 4 Simple Steps

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Today's customers shop around before making a decision to book transportation. One of the most important things they read are your transportation business's reviews.

Reviews are the voices of your customers and are important to keep at high score if you want to grow your business. In addition, services like Yelp, Facebook and Google often show the businesses on top that have the best reviews.

You're likely wondering how can you increase your 5-star reviews - we are here to help. Find a step-by-step guide below!

Step 1

Find 20 people to reach out to for a positive review. This could include:

  • Customers who have loved your service
  • Friends & Family
  • Colleagues and business partners

Step 2

Identify the platforms and websites most important to you. The could include:

  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Google Reviews
  • TheKnot / WeddingWire

and more..

Step 3

Write the reviews for them, so it's very easy to leave the review.

This is the best part to ensure the people you selected actually post you a review. What we have found is that customers and friends want to help you, and they are often just too busy to write the review. So you if draft a review or give them some ideas on what they can write about, you increase your success rate.

We suggest adding these reviews you wrote directly in the email, see Step 4.


Step 4

Reach out to the selected people by providing them with the links. This is a template you could use:


Hope all is well! I wanted to ask you for a 30 second favor. As we grow our business reviews are becoming very important. To make it super easy for you, I added some templates of reviews in this email

  • Google: Link to your Google Page
  • Facebook: Link to your Facebook Page
  • Yelp: Link to your Yelp Page

(insert a written review here, to make it easier for them)


Your Name

How to Get More Reviews for your Black Car Business - 4 Simple Steps

How to Get More Reviews for your Black Car Business - 4 Simple Steps

Step 5

Follow up kindly after 1 week.


I wanted to kindly check in here and see if you had a chance to leave a review for my business. It would help be a lot!

Thanks again!

Your Name"