The Best Limo Software of 2024

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The best limousine software on the market.

Moovs is best software for limousine companies. Save time, money and stress, while growing your revenue.

Managing a transportation company is really tough. So far there have NOT been a lot of great solutions out there. Plus, they are often outdated, slow and old.

With Moovs - the best limo software, you will increase your revenue while working less and at the same time save a lot of costs. In with the new, out with the old. Below are the reasons why Moovs is the best software for you.

Our Founder's parents have operated a limousine company in Los Angeles for over 30 years and continuously struggled with all the outdated and expensive software out there. So it is our mission to help you grow your business, save costs and make life easier for you every day.


8 Reasons Why Moovs is the Best Limo Software

1. Updates - Based on Customers Feedback

At Moovs we release new features every week. You read that correctly every week. Whereas other solutions pride themselves on 2 releases a year. Our engineering team is in the United States and has experience building some of the best known software in the world, that solves your unique problems.

This means that if you want something added to the software that would make your life easier, you let us know and we add it. For no extra charge. If you are happy, then we are happy.

We have received so many amazing feedback from our customers based on their specific transportation business, that we were able to implement and help them manage their business better.

2. Easy to Use, Actually Really Really Easy.

Technology can be complicated and hard to understand. 100 different buttons, things can be hard to find, especially when you are in a hurry, and a lot of software is slow. Not Moovs. We've made Moovs easy to understand for any age group. It's so easy to use, that a 12 year old and a 70 year old can use it.

We actually have customers that are in their 70s that have been owning a transportation business for over 30 years, and we have 21 year old entrepreneurs that run their private luxury car business and both use Moovs Limo Software to automate and grow their business.

See a 5 minute intro video below, our CEO and Co-Founder Amir quickly shows you how easy it is to use Moovs.

3. Finally a One Stop Shop This Limo Dispatch Software

Moovs is in all in one solution. Your Limo booking software, limo dispatch software, phone line, payment processor, free website builder and so much more is all within Moovs. No more switching around, just a simple way to manage your business. You will even have all of your business communication (inbound phone call, auto call forwarding, inbound outbound text) in one place.

We also just added the feature to integrate your Google Calendar, which our customers have been LOVING.

4. Increase Your Revenue with our Limo Booking Software

Simply book more rides and increase conversion rates with our Booking Widget, which you can install on your website in 10 seconds. Not sure how to do it? No problem we'll do it for you. For specific trips where you know how much you will charge, you can set automatic pricing. This way a customer can book a ride and you get paid without lifting a finger. Our goal is to let the limousine software do as much as possible without you having to work.

We now have a free version of Moovs, so that you can test it for yourself without having to pay for it. Just CLICK HERE to start testing it.

5. Instant Payments

We get you paid faster, and more secure. No hidden fees, no delays, just better software. Moovs also has the best payment processing in the industry, meaning you accept more credit cards, and are better secured against fraud and disputes. Plus a low fair rate, to make sure more money is in your pocket. Our customers love instant payments!

6. Dispatch Automation

Dispatch rides like a pro with custom lists and calendar views. Make changes on the go and keep drivers and passengers in sync. Moovs is the best limousine dispatch software, since your text messaging and all other communications is within the software. The calendar view makes it easy for you to see what rides are coming up next, and airport integrations make sure you're not sitting around at the airport for hours. This is important to stay organized and save time.

7. Moovs Additional Products

Limo scheduling software is great, and makes managing your business easier. But we don't stop there, with Moovs additional products we help you with your entire business. This includes managing your phone number, so you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars every months, just for a business line. Your website is built in 5 seconds, with all of the data in your system. You can save money on insurance with Moovs insurance, and get a loan- all through one central software. We also offer marketing help to make sure your website is found on Google and all other search engines.

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8. Mobile Friendly Limousine Booking Software

Moovs is the most friendly limo software on the market. You can really do everything easily from your phone, wether it's dispatching, payment or communication with your customers. You can now easily manage you limo business from your phone. This is important for transportation owners who are always on the go.

These are some of the reasons why this is the best limo reservation software. We promise that we will help you grow your business while saving costs with our limo reservation system. Reach out to us at info(at) if you have any questions, and we will be there to help!

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You can now try Moovs Limo app without paying for it, to see if it's the right fit for you first. CLICK HERE to sign up.