Making money is at the heart of any transportation business, so increasing the rate at which your customers book with you is incredibly important. Many customers shop around, and you often only have 1 phone call and a few emails to convert them. You want to make sure you show them you are trustworthy, reliable and professional, and easy to work with in your emails.

Moovs made it easy- rather than typing a new email every time, copy & paste these templates and increase the likelihood of customers booking with you! Fun fact, we have seen the highest conversion with 3 follow up emails.

First quote email

This is a great template when you send out a price quote to a customer

Hello <first_name>, </first_name>

Thanks again for considering <your_company_name> for your upcoming trip! </your_company_name>

Good news, we still have availability for your trip and are excited to work with you. Ready to book? Please review this email with all your trip details, vehicles, and any additional information. Simply <insert your="" payment="" process="" here="">.  </insert>(for example, 'Simply click fill in the credit card authorization attached to pay today'.)

If you have any additional questions or changes to be made, please feel free to call the <your_company_name> team at <your_phone_number>. You can also reach us by replying directly to this email. </your_phone_number></your_company_name>

Found a lower price from another transportation company? But still want to book with us? Ask us about our Price Match Policy!


Asking for more information

This is a template that works great if you still need more trip information from your customer, e.g. # of passengers, or pick up address

Hello <first_name>,</first_name>

Hope you're doing well! We are looking forward to providing you a quote for your upcoming trip. Before we can do that, can you send over the details below to ensure we send you the best rate possible?

[insert list of details needed here] (for example, pick-up time, pick-up address etc)

Thanks for considering  <your_company_name> for your upcoming experience!</your_company_name>

All the best,

Follow up #1

This is a great template for a quick follow-up to ensure the customer has not forgotten about you. We recommend sending this 2 days after the first email.

Hello <first_name>,</first_name>

A few things I forgot to mention in my previous email about <your_company_name>. We offer:</your_company_name>

• Dedicated 24/7 Concierge service to help you coordinate your trip
• Dedicated Account Manager to help you every step of the way
• Local experience to understand logistical requirements
• Alcohol and Food Friendly vehicles
• Price Matching

Let me know if you want to jump on a call to chat about your trip request?


Follow up #2

This template is an easy question that prompts the customer to reply if they haven't yet. We usually send this email 3 days after the previous follow up. This email may seem short, but short emails are shown to get the most replies.

Hello <first_name>,</first_name>

I just wanted to make sure my last email didn't slip through your inbox or vice versa. Good news, we still have availability for your trip date.

Any updates on your upcoming trip with <your_company_name>?</your_company_name>


Follow up #3

Since you really want to close this deal, use this last follow up to see if the customer is serious about booking with you. We recommend sending this 3-5 days after the previous follow up email.

Hello <first_name>,</first_name>

It's <your_company_name>  checking in on your transportation request. Please reply back with your status on this trip request:</your_company_name>

• Still interested, just busy?
• Not interested


Repeat Booking Email

Existing customers are your most valuable. Use this template to check in with them to see if they have any transportation coming up and stay top of mind with your customers.

Hello <first_name>,</first_name>

<your_name> here from <your_company_name>. I wanted to check in with you since it's been a while since your last trip (time flies).</your_company_name></your_name>

Are you looking for transportation coming up? If yes, we are currently offering a promo if you book in the next week. Use the code Promo50 in the comment section and we'll take $50 off your next ride.


And as always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or let us know if there are other email templates you are looking for.