6 Simple Tips to Grow your Black Car Transportation Business in 2024

Black Car Transportation, Black BWM Vehicle. Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

1. Create a Yelp, Facebook and Google Page

Acquiring reviews for any product or service is essential, in that it creates a reliable network of people who can speak to the quality of their experience. To start in the process of growing your black transportation business, ask your happy customers for reviews! This will kickstart your online reputation and encourage future customers to not only utilize your services, but share their experiences as well. This is incredibly important because it will help bring in more business, increase SEO on google, and spread the word about your great business.

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2. Create an Instagram page

Social Media is key in reaching large audiences and marketing newly established businesses. Instagram specifically is great for this because it is widely used by companies and customers alike, with features that make the platform user friendly and convenient.

Some things to keep in mind for when you create a profile:
  • Only upload high quality content - low quality content is as effective as no content for the most part
  • Don't try to sell too much, posting rates and quotes..that's for your website. Post fun, inviting content that people want to interact with and share with their friends and colleagues
  • Post pictures with reputable brands or celebrities if the opportunity presents itself
  • Stay consistent. The best way to market your company or brand is to maintain an active profile, which in turn, leads to an active follower base
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3. Google Ads

It's helpful to show up as the first result on Google - you can bid on certain keywords to show up as an advertisement when someone is googling for your service. However, it is important to carefully curate your keywords to reflect what your service is and does without adding too many words that can easily be applicable to other companies and services. Google ads are one way to easily grow your business. Just be careful to not overspend on keywords that are not brining you any business.

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4. Sign up to bark.com and thumbtack.com

Many of our operators receive a good amount of their business from these third party websites - feel free to check them out and see how they can be of use to you. It doesn't hurt to have your service listed on more sites for more potential customers to find you.

5. Join Moovs Affiliate Network

When signing up to Moovs Pro, you gain access to the biggest group transportation network in the nation. Also, a GNet partnership with Moovs lets you farm in rides from other transportation owners that use different softwares. This opens up many opportunities for transportation services around the US to interact and contribute to the growth of the transportation industry.

6. Get VIP by Using Rideshare platforms

Many of our operators utilize rideshare platforms to execute premium rides. Through these bookings, they are provided opportunities to get to know VIP clients. With extended conversation, these clients are often given a business card with which they look up the company and book directly from their website when they are in need for ride services. Think big and reach out to whoever you can because you never know who will be interested!


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