4 Hacks to Get More Customers on LinkedIn for Your Transportation Business

Linkedin sales navigator, man holding tablet computer photo, Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

A lot of transportation operators have tried and ditched LinkedIn. It's hard to get value, so we listed some of the best practices for LinkedIn in the transportation industry.

If you're asking yourself “What’s the point of LinkedIn?” or “How do I use LinkedIn?” you've come to the right spot.

These days, people are using LinkedIn for business purposes like building relationships with like-minded professionals, hiring drivers and uncovering new leads who could become customers.

After some research the best use in our industry is to get new leads for your business, especially linking with corporate contacts. Socially it can also be used to connect with other people in the industry.

Ready to sign some corporate contacts? Find out how below:

1. The Basic

Start by filling in your personal profile and your company profile. This does not have to be fancy, simply copy and paste the content from your website and look at some other transportation providers for inspiration. You should  have a complete personal profile as well. That way you can show visitors that there is a person behind the company. Create a short headline and upload a photo 🖼️.

2. Make a Lot Of Connections

Empty profiles are viewed 73% less than those with content and connections. You can not only connect with people you know but also reach out to other people in the industry or professionals. Now people will start taking you more seriously. Bonus: You can invite up to 100 Linkedin Contacts to like your page per month. Every month invite 100 of your connections, the more followers you have the more legit you look and the more users you can reach with posts.

3. Reach Out To Professionals

1. The region you serve "e.g. Miami, Florida"

2. The title. We have seen any title including Transportation or Procurement work best.

3. Start by filtering for 2nd level connections and see if you have a mutual connection that can introduce you. If not, go to the next step.

4. Click connect on the profile and add a short message, find a draft below:"Hi FirstName, excited to connect. At CompanyName we provide all types of transportation for businesses in the region. Companies such as CurrentCustomer and CurrentCustomer have used for several years, and we would love to work with you as well. Do you have time for a 5-10 min call this week? Thanks!"

4. Automate Your Outreach

There are services that help you speed up your outreach on LinkedIn such as meetalfred.com. Give it a try and reach out to 100s of professionals in your area. At Moovs we also support with any sales outreaches, so please reach out with any additional questions.