7 Simple Hacks to Grow your Instagram - For Chauffeured Transportation Businesses

social media for transportation businesses

We all know that it's important to be present on social media and especially on instagram.


First, the new generation of customers often doesn't check a company's website to find out about them, they rather check the instagram page. If you have below 100 followers and your profile is outdated, that's not a good look.

Second, if you are not present, or badly presented on social media, the potential customer could lose trust in your company and service.

Important note, you don't have to spend money or too much time on this...

Here 7 Easy Tricks to Grow Your Instagram

1. Use High Quality Images (you don't have to take them)

Instagram is all about inspiring content. Instagram's algorithm shows more people high resolution pictures, because it enhances the experience using the app. Also, nobody wants to a see a blurry image of a vehicle with a trash can in the back. Everybody wants to see a flashy Lamborghini limousine. Even if you don't have that vehicle, make sure the pictures are of great quality and look inspiring to the customer.


It's ok to post inspiring images from the web, as long as you have the rights. There are different websites that offer free images. For example www.unsplash.com has thousands of free images you can use.

2. Ask your Drivers to Take Pictures

When drivers are out on the road, they often get to be at the trendiest and coolest places in town. When they go to the sports stadium, nightclub, winery or 5-star hotel, ask them to get out of the vehicle and take some inspiring pictures. You can post those on social media and also use them for your website. The resolution of modern smartphones are amazing, and often look like they were taken from a professional camera.


3. Post Vertical not Landscape Pictures

When you scroll on instagram, certain pictures take up your whole screen. This is great because the person or company that posted the image gets to have your full attention in that moment. If you post a landscape picture, it usually is harder to see what's on the image and it's not the only one being showed on your timeline. The Instagram algorithm also rewards you for vertical pictures because it provides a better experience to the viewer. xyko does a great job at that.


4. Ask your Customers to Take Pictures (and Tag your Page)

If you have a good relationship with your customers, you should ask them to take a few picture from their experience. Especially if they are younger they will know exactly how to take content that looks cool and fun. If they tag your business page, you can repost it on your story or feed. You could also add a message in your emails that asks them to tag your Instagram page. You will be surprised how many people actually want to help you if you ask them.

5. Ask all your Friends and Family to Follow your Page

Again, if you only have 20 followers on your page, it could make it look like your business is not legit. That's why you should ask everyone in your network to follow your business pages. People want to support you just often don't know how. It only takes them 5 seconds to do so.

6. Hire a High School Intern

As mentioned in the beginning, being active on social media doesn't have to be expensive or time intensive. The youth now a days, spends all their time on social media. This is a great opportunity, because a younger person looking for an internship or part time job, can do all the tips mentioned above for you! Since they spend so much time on social media, to them it doesn't even feel like work. They are also creative and know whats trendy, so this could be a great win-win work relationship.

7. Bonus: Post Pictures of Dogs in your Vehicles

We provide a lot more marketing advice for transportation companies. Make sure to reach out to our team if you need help with social media, SEO, public relations, email marketing, paid ads and more.


We provide a lot more marketing advice for transportation companies. Make sure to reach out to our team if you need help with social media, SEO, public relations, email marketing, paid ads and more.