3 Quick Tips to get More Positive Reviews for your Private Transportation Company

Get Positive reviews for your black car business

Most customers don't know any transportation businesses by name. That is why they rely on Google, Yelp and any other 3rd party platforms.

3 Quick Tips to get More  Positive Reviews for your Black Car Service

Most people only leave reviews when they are angry, which is not fair for your business and all the positive work you have done.

That is why it's so important for you to make sure that you have many positive and real reviews.


1. Send out an Email to all Existing Customers

Send out a short email, asking them to leave a positive review if they enjoyed your service.  

Important: Add links directly to the platform you want them to leave the review on. The easier you make it for them, the higher likelihood they will do it.  Example:

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 1.28.31 PM

2. Ask Customers Right After a Successful Trip

After someone just had a positive experience with your service they are much more likely to do you the favor and leave a positive review! You have probably been in similar situations where you had a great experience and were happy to leave a review. The more time that passes the less your remember those positive emotions.

Important: If they say they will leave a review, but haven't done it, it's ok to follow up with them 2 days later. People get busy and forget to do it.


3.  Do the Hardest Part for Them 👀

If you know that a customer took a party bus from the airport to the Crypto Center for his bachelor party, you can do the hardest part and write a draft for them.

"Took a party bus with my friends for my bachelor party from LAX to the Crypto center, the party bus was there on time and the driver was professional and polite. Will definitely book with [COMPANY NAME] again!"

When you reach out, mention that you drafted something for them to make it easier and paste the link to the review page and BOOM, your chances of getting the 5-Star just increased by a lot! It only takes them a second to do the work now.


PS: When using Moovs you have an automatic system that sends out a message to your customers after each trip. The BEST part? The link to leave a review will be provided ONLY to customers who respond with a 5-Star rating 🤩