How to get more bookings for your chauffeured transportation business

How to get more booking for your black car business and transportation service

An easy but overlooked way to get more bookings? Referrals  🔁

After talking to many operators in our industry, there was one overlooked practice that worked the best: Referrals.

A referral is when existing customers refer your transportation service to their network.

Surprisingly, people are very open to helping out small businesses, especially when you offer a great service!

Check out these 2 easy ways to kick off your referral campaign!

More bookings through referrals

1.  Ask Current Customers

Believe it or not, people often don't think about referring you, unless you ask them.

They are busy and have a lot going on, and might not know that you are looking for more customers. Ask in person or send out an email blast, saying that you have extra capacity and would love referrals. If you have been providing great services, you customers will be happy to share their experience with their network. In the best case scenario, you will find new high net worth individual or companies, that will continue to book rides with you.


2. Make an Offer for each Referral

Do the same as just mentioned, but give customers an incentive. As mentioned before, everyone is busy and the best way to accelerate your referral program is to offer your customers something.

You could offer them $50 or $100 off their next ride or offer them an amazon gift card if they get someone in their network to book a ride with you. It's a win/win! You can also get more creative with what you offer your customers, as long as you keep growing your business.